Wellness Programming & Products

Who We Are

Windhorse is a health and wellness educational consultant business. The target audience are healthcare providers. The staff of Windhorse are dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality programming, in an enjoyable atmosphere, at an acceptable price. We will maintain a friendly creative work environment that respects diversity, professionalism, and hardwork. The timing is ripe for this new business venture. Consumers of health and wellness services are demanding a more holistic value driven approach that honors the client as co-designer of their care and treatment. Nurses and other health care professionals are eager to learn more about integrative practices; but lack the time to learn about the field of holistic health and wellness. Windhorse will meet this need and put the participants at ease due to the staff of Windhorse being healthcare professionals as well. The founder and owner of Windhorse has been a nurse for over 30 years. Jan brings experience, passion, and leadership to the consumer oriented programming at Windhorse. Jan has been a board certified holistic nurse for ten years and has cultivated a network of colleagues and fellow nurse entrepreneurs. Nurses represent the most respected profession in the US. The mere fact that Jan is an expert nurse brings respect and integrity to the educational programing which will be provided.