Wellness Programming & Products

Group Drumming & Rhythm-Based Music Programs


      Recreational music making is an evidence based program developed by HealthRhythms, a division of REMO drums. The positive effects of group drumming as documented in published research include: mood improvement, boost to the immune system, pain reduction, sense of personal accomplishment, increased sense of control over one's life, anger reduction, stress reduction, and restoration of inner harmony and balance.

     Drum Circles are catching on throughout the world for the same reason they flourished thousands of years ago. Drumming creates a sense of community and belonging. Drums have been used for physical and metaphysical purposes Rhythm and drumming rituals have both spiritual and healing components.  It is a living metaphor of our capacity as humans to work together effectively. Drum circles remind us of our greatest synergistic potential and they are FUN!

     One can find drum circles in after school programs, prisons, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, special educational programs, assisted living facilities, staff retreats, therapeutic support groups, wellness center & classes, cancer support groups, staff team building activities, intergenerational programs, on beaches, in parks and anywhere people congregate.

     Group drumming and rhythm-based music programs are suitable for all ages, populations, and abilities. I provide the drums and passion, leadership, and percussion instruments. No prior music training or drumming experience is required.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

Divination journeys will be done prior to the session to receive information and instruction for the session. If specific information becomes known, any or all of the modes of energy work may be used to bring about healing.  The spirits do the work; I am but a healing channel. Distance healing is available as well as Shamanic Coaching & Counseling.

Helping Compassionate Spirit Retrieval (Power Animal and/or Teacher):  Journey to Non-Ordinary Reality, Dreamtime, and Other Worlds to connect with compassionate beings that live there. These beings offer help, guidance, healing, and direct revelation to all of us. Power animal/teacher/element retrieval will help restore power and wellbeing to a client. Shamanism tracks where they came from and the healing can then clear, release, transform whatever is ready to shift and change during the session. When you leave a session you know what it is that we have cleared, and you can take steps not to recreate it in your life. I give you tools and techniques that will support you as you become empowered to enjoy your happiest life now.

Soul Retrieval:  Loss of power/ soul essence causing depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, chronic illness, series of misfortunes, illness, immune deficiency problems, addictions, unending grief, etc. A soul retrieval ceremony will be done to remove spiritual blockages or negative energies a client may have taken on causing illness to body, mind, or spirit. The harmful energies are extracted. This work can be done on both the living and the deceased. Helping spirts cross over who may be stuck is called psychopomp work (a guide of souls to the place of the dead). This work may extend for a few sessions and requires the client to actively participate in post healing procedures to assist integration of the work and empowerment.

Reiki and Karuna Reiki Healing:
Balancing the chakras and performing healing arts to bring about increased healing and well-being for a client. Reiki is a highly respected healing technique where life energy is focused through the hands and channeled into the body by means of touch. This helps to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is great for dissolving energy blocks, decreasing stress and promoting relaxation, and to bring healing, balance and inner peace. A unique blend of aromatic essential oils can be custom blended to enhance the healing process.

Cherokee Body Work: Almost all indigenous cultures had direct, hands on methods of healing; the Cherokee were no exception. The sessions may well incorporate shaking of body parts, acupressure, crystals, breath work, guided imagery, dialogue, drumming and singing with the bodywork.  It is a form of energy medicine

Shamanic Teaching & Practices

Shamanism is possibly the oldest and most wide spread healing practice known to man. The shaman is someone that acts as a bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Traditional shamans communicate with spirits in order to help clients and the planet heal.  In today’s world, shamans can be found in almost all walks of life. Training to be a shamanic practitioner is a beautiful and humbling experience. Learning ways to heal yourself, others, and the planet is an extraordinary way to tap into your potential. I was trained by Sandra Ingerman one of the foremost international shamanic teachers of our time.

Following is list of teachings and workshops I would be honored to share:      

Basic Journeying:(taught in a 2-day workshop) Introduction to shamanism and journeying for oneself and others. Divination journeys, illness from a shamanic perspective, power animal retrieval, and how to interpret journeys

Medicine for the Earth & Healing with Spiritual Light:(can be taught as a 5 day workshop or spread out over 3 weekends). There are 2 levels to the Medicine for the Earth work/transmutation. It is who we become that changes the world-not what we do. Students will learn through active participation daily practices that create a change of consciousness. There will be ceremonies where we come together as a community to work together to transform pollution and transmute substances of belief patterns. Students will learn to merge with their own divinity and change heavy consciousness into light consciousness and a higher vibration.

Soul Retrieval: (can be taught as 5 day workshop or spread over 3 weekends).  Overview of soul loss and illness from a shamanic perspective. Discussion about how one might see, hear, or feel lost souls and how to bring these back. How to tell a healing story. Discussion of stolen souls and releasing them.

Death & Dying and/or Extraction: (taught over 1 weekend) A shaman is a man or woman who works with spiritual healing. A shaman heals both the living and the dead. The shaman heals the dead by performing psychopomp work. The word psychopomp comes from the Greek work psychopomp meaning leader of souls. There will be instruction/journeys on depossession, dismemberment, intrusions, and preparation for transition.




       Clinical aromatherapy is defined as the use of essential oils for specific, measurable outcomes. Aromatherapy uses the essential oils from aromatic plants to enhance and balance healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Aromatherapy has been used for over 6000 years. In Germany and France the use of essential  oils is an integral part of the conventional medical system. Aromatherapy is one of the safest and gentlest integrative modalities.

      Olfaction is the most rapid delivery method to bring the chemical components of the essential oil to the individual. The effects can be almost instantaneous. Scientific research studies corroborate the wide range of benefits of essential oils to reduce stress, heal skin conditions, respiratory ailments, fight infection, ease digestive discomfort and inflammation, decrease pain and insomnia, hormone imbalance, increase memory, and overall increase a sense of calm and well being.

       An aromatherapy consultation can be arranged. There will be an intake appointment, assessment of the area of concern, and the aromatherapist will create a custom blend of essential oils mixed in a unique delivery system to support the client's healing process. Examples of possible essential oil delivery systems include: diffusers, steam inhalation,  compresses, inhalers, aromatic baths, spritzers, massage, and direct application of the medicinal oil mixed in a carrier oil. The goal of therapy is to bring the individual to a state of greater harmony and wholeness.