~ Educational  Programming  

      Related to Holistic Health & Wellness~ 

~Shamanic Practitioner: Classes & Healing Sessions~

  Core Shamanism & Journeying

   Power Animal Retrieval      Medicine for the Earth

   Extraction  Death & Dying   Healing with Spiritual Light

~Custom Aromatherapy Products~

7 Scents Sensations Treatment & Power Animal Blends

~Reiki & Karuna Reiki

   Classes & Private Healing Sessions~

~Therapeutic Drumming Groups~

     Workshop: Drumming the 7 Sacred Directions

      Monthly Community Drumming Gatherings

~Cowrie Shell Readings~

   Enjoy the Dagara tribe method of divination

   Readings from the lineage of Malidoma Some

~Sound Healing Baths~

         Crystal Bowels, Percussion, Chimes

~Mindfulness Meditation Classes~

~ Capacitar East Workshops~

~Restorative Justice & Peace Building         


Welcome to Windhorse: 

A Health & Wellness Company created to enhance your Body,

Mind, Emotions, & Spirit...


     ~Are you tired of the mechanistic western   

     healthcare approach to health and illness?




~Do you want to use organic holistic products

  and strategies to maximize your health &          wellness ?    

 ~Does your organization lack an understanding      of integrative and complimentary health practices?


~Windhorse can meet these needs and  

 support your entry  into a balanced

 lifestyle of health & wellness.Please

 investigate our products and services

 and give us a  call~                                           

Wellness Programming & Products

~I would be privileged to share my expertise and passion related to health promotion, wellness, education, and specific healing strategies to bring your organization, family, and self into a state of increased harmony & wholeness~